Don’t Try To Be Equal!


I think that some of the most damaging ideas has been trying to convince women that they are not valuable as they are..

In this crazy world..

Women have unique and special skills that men do not have.

Not putting down men, they have their own great gifts.

When I go to walk through a door and a man sees me coming and holds a door for me, I always say thank you.

I never think of it as seeing me as weak, but someone that recognizes and respects women. (whether its a man or woman that does the holding)

Especially though men holding the door, I always recognize that he is showing respect and I say thank you.

It is part of a nice society which many groups out there wants to destroy.

When I grew up I always showed respect for my elders and others.

We always treated people with respect.

I had 3 children and married a very traditional man.

I have never regretted it, I never thought I had to have a career to make myself feel good about myself.

I did have to work, not because my man did not respect me, but to live well it took two incomes.

Even with that, my husband saw me as a treasure.

And I on the other hand saw him as a blessing.

When a man and woman can truly respect each other, it creates a deeply satisfying life!



To Your Abundant Success!!

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