How Establishing A Network Marketing Identity Authentically Is Key To Your Success!


In the movie we know that the character played by Jim Carrey: Bank clerk Stanley Lpkiss is transformed into a manic super-hero when he finds an ancient mask and puts it onto his face‚at first he has a great time and has fun‚ later it becomes an addiction.

I bring this up because I’ve been around quite a while in in the MLM network marketing world. I have seen people actually go under‚ and I have nearly done that in the past because I started to get sucked into another persona and nearly lost mine.

I have found that is really a form of lying! If you let someone else “mold” you and change you‚and then you lose what makes you truly unique. Keep your persona and your unique characteristics but grow bigger and more confident with skills!

Build Yourself

Here is one very critical thing‚ people are going to have faith in you‚ because they have lost their faith in almost everything else. They are coming to you for some help‚ they need an anchor. The only way that you can be that‚ is to be real. That means who you are doesn’t change.

Now that doesn’t mean you don’t work on getting better building your self-esteem and self-image and self-confidence. In fact‚ that is very critical that you do. As you start moving into the role of leader‚ coach and mentor‚ which if you are serious about building a big check‚ you will‚ you must build up yourself.

Examples Of What Not To Do!

I have had many old mentors who would try to make those changes in me‚ and I rebelled. I knew that was not right. So now I can teach you with confidence‚ to build upon the blocks already in place. Maybe they have to be stacked different‚ but you will be doing the stacking. And if there are masks that are there for the false belief of need for protection‚ there May be a need to examine if they actually help or hinder‚ but again you will be doing that examination.

Study Success!

To become successful you arrive there by studying it: Studying all of its components. Study people who are successful in your arena‚ but fit that into you‚ don’t start changing who you are‚ unless there are things that need to change.

To best understand anything authentic one must seek out those real authentic people and experiences‚ much like a banker who wants to be able to identify a counterfeit bill. Much like that mask!

The more we can unmask and become real the more we will attract those we want in our business and become the leader we want to be. This was recorded a few months ago‚and although I am talking about a program‚ do witness the authenticity‚ it is what you want to be looking to portray in all that you do!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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