Everything Is All About Choices

There was a time when every time things went wrong
I looked for someone to blame..

But it also meant I stayed stuck
And didn’t grow

There was that trade off of not taking the responsibility
Playing the victim

Advantages of not taking responsibility:
Stay small
Never make much money
Constantly fail
Always feeling a victim
People feel sorry but don’t respect you

Advantages of Taking Responsibility:
The buck stops with you
You call the shots
You decide who you want to work with
You decide where your future is going
You start to love yourself and others!

So with the current stuff going on‚ instead of saying poor me
I say how can I best take advantage of what is happening?

So now its all about taking responsibility for my life
And it feels very free

I am always looking to help people that feel the same way!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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