Evidence of Betrayal!? Integrity of the Company is a Key Component!

Don’t ever get caught in that spot! You must be true to yourself.

Reason why I bring this up is because we are often lied to. Our heavy hitting upline don’t give you the whole story. I was online today‚ creating a new profile.

And guess what I found all of my previous upline in there! Hmmm‚ that is especially interesting when we were told to buy leads! So‚ I always check the company and the people out thoroughly.

Thats why I am so excited jumpin out of my skin about the company I am involved in‚ I can check them out‚ and they are impeccable! Integrity of the management one of the 5 pillars‚very important. If you google your upline or your company and find a lot of bad stuff… not good.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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