How A False Spring Can Throw Off Your Marketing

False Spring

A little over a week ago was..
Ground Hogs Day..

And today (yesterday) is Presidents Day

A day like today..
gives you hope for Spring!

It brings out the desire to play..

Not work!

The problem is it isn’t

We do have some more winter..
especially in Colorado..

We can wish and hope all we want
it is inevitable!

That is also true of real marketing..

All through the winter we wish for spring..

All through the winter of our marketing we wish for that
place where we can play and not work as hard..

All winter long.. preparations for Spring…
you can’t plant too early
you can’t plant too late..

There is no shortcut for the planting time..

It is all the time!

With marketing we are always planting seeds..
If we want a harvest.. must always be planting..

You never really know when one of those.
You have been working with is going to be ready

So gotta keep planting!

Make sure you are always planting! 


To Your Abundant Success!!

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