Fear Prevents Having A Real Life!

One of the major things that keep people stuck is FEAR..

We can put those pretty words behind it..

We can make people think it’s not real..

But that doesn’t change their feelings..

The person himself has to make a conscious choice..

To face their fears..

To walk through them…

I remember when I first started talking to people on the phone.. I had real fears..

It was very hard..

I had to do ridiculous things to get myself psyched up to do it..

And sometimes I failed to do that and made excuses..


I knew if I didn’t get past it..

My life would never get better..

And that was before the internet..

When you look upon my work here today..

You can tell I did find ways to overcome that fear..

Because of that I know and understand yours..

I know that you can get past it and build a wonderful life as I have!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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