Feeling Like A Square Peg In A Round Hole

I have always been a square peg trying to fit a round hole..

I never fit into the corporate world, because they don’t encourage creativity

I went to school twice with two degrees, neither of which ever translated to a job.. not because I would not qualify but because I would not conform!

Even in the MLM World, there is a lot of conformity required and I didn’t want to..

I went out on the internet, against the wishes of my upline and leadership because I didn’t accept that their way was the only way..

If I had not done that, you would have never heard my name..

I came to realize that through skills and refining myself to who I wanted to be, I would be absolutely where I wanted to be..

I was not wrong!

I see a lot of copy paste, it is very popular

Anytime we start that, we loose ourselves in a mindless routine..

It is like the commercials that play over and over, yes maybe it creates sales,

But we cannot be a commercial.. we have to find our unique place where the people that are meant to find us, will find us!

I call it my Primary because its got the best and cleanest compensation plan I have ever seen.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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