When You Finally See Faith As An Action Step And Process

Speaking on fear or faith today..

It is just amazing really how fast things can change if you choose faith.. and then take the appropriate action towards it! ~~ Lynda

The words that you speak create your reality all of them.. so decide now.. to be aware.. are you speaking words of fear and doubt.. or are you speaking words of faith and belief?

Soooo the only choice really is to make a decision..

Will it be Fear or Faith..

Fear keeps you small and weak..

Faith expands you and makes you feel strong!

They both expect you to act..

Just decide!

Every word you declare whether in writing or in voice confirms your situation.. you must guard those words.. rather than blurting out anything that comes to mind..

You hear those words.. and your subconscious mind brings it about!

We Practice Either Fear Or Failure Everyday!

Practice does not equal perfect
Perfect practice makes perfect

If you practice using negative and fear as your behavior
You will make it perfect even though it does not create what you want

Perfecting A Practice Of Faith..

That is also true with Faith..
It is a matter of practice… expect it to take time and practice..
Its a habit just as surely as the Fear behaviors are..

So practicing Faith (notice this is action)
Taking steps even when you don’t know the outcome
That is an act of Faith!

How Can I Teach About Fear And Faith?

And I can teach about fear and faith..

Because I have lived and learned from both!

When I lived in fear and practiced fear.. I was the victim..

I was looking for excuses.. I didn’t believe I had a chance..

I wanted the Lottery and I wanted someone to save me..

Now That I Live More From Faith..

Now that I live more from Faith..
I realize that all things I say and write.. can create my future and the future of others..

I know I have a responsibility for everything..
I am responsible in that I can choose what I say and do in every situation..
It doesn’t mean that everything is perfect.. it means I choose to live from a place of abundance instead of lack..

And I know that every person that I come into contact with.. is an opportunity to share with them a different thought process..

And possibly a new way of looking at things until they see the prosperity that they also deserve!

 So Again Its All About What Choice You Make‚ Fear or Faith!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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