Finding Your Own Personal Power!

You might notice I don’t give a lot of techniques and tricks‚ although I definitely have them and use them. But I found early on that until I got right in my head they would only be partly successful. You will have to check out my video at my blog to see what I mean about that.

Thoughts Are Things

I know we all have heard this‚ for most this is not a new thing. I have proven it without any doubt that is totally true. If I can use my imagination to create the things that I fear‚ why can’t I turn that around to things I want and desire?

Now ask yourself is that still true today? If we have fear of something it’s just a matter of deciding what has actually created that fear. Are we hanging onto something from the past‚something that hurt us? Almost always that is the case.

Most of the time you will find that it is not true anymore. Take something small first and decide you are going to do something small. It is in trying to take really big steps before you took the small ones that most people fall and fail.  It’s in taking the small steps and consistently taking them until they become habits that we May be able to the take those bigger steps.

Power Comes In Focus

I hear a lot of people talking today about multiple steams of income‚ and while it is a great theory in truth I have not really seen it happen. Now I am not picking on anyone’s individual company so don’t take any offense‚ but if you have 3‚4‚5‚10 income streams‚ how on earth do you keep all of those plates in the air?

So I say if you want to do that only two‚ your system which should earn you some income‚and your primary. Any more than that and you find your self diffused. What do I mean by that‚I used to be a beauty professional. We had a blow dryer attachment that had a fluted end‚that spread out the air so it didn’t frizz the hair.

I mean in that you spread yourself too thin‚ and then you are no longer effective at anything. You must then make a decision where you want to concentrate your efforts‚ it’s not possible to put it into that many areas at once.

Take stock and decide where you want to put all your energy and therefore be able to draw your power from focus! All the greats who talk about what it takes to really be successful talk about how important focus is‚ getting one project done at a time‚ not ever multi-tasking.

Power In Your Mind-set

Now we come back to your thoughts‚ they are creating or taking away from your power all the time. If you find yourself making excuses rather than taking action then that is where you really are‚ you are letting your fear cause inaction‚ or often called procrastination.

We always procrastinate what we don’t want to do‚ or we fear to do. We never procrastinate what we find fun‚ pleasurable or rewarding! Give that a thought! In order to create success we must first look to what we have for our own mindset!

I am sure you have heard before that we are responsible for our own success‚ and if we find ourselves blaming it on others (our failure) then we have not taken responsibility. So say to yourself “I am responsible for my success or failure by my willingness to take action or my failure to do so!”

Make The Decision To Do It! Take Your Power Back!

Today make the decision to take on that responsibility. Push through that desire to procrastinate. Do just a little towards your success today. Maybe it’s a fraction of a percent today‚ but if you do that every day‚ what will it compound to? Will it become more than 100% better in a year?

I talked a lot yesterday in the blog about commitment‚ so it is simply a matter of:

Commitment to Succeed! Committed to learning – be consistent about that. Committed to taking action—be consistent Committed to creating and building the skills I am going to outlast everyone‚ people will come and go‚ but not me‚ I am staying for the long term If you have that attitude you will succeed.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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