I Learned How To Control My Emotions In My Online Network Marketing!

The Problem With Using Our Emotions In Our Online Network Marketing Efforts Is We Tend To Do Radical Swings! Lynda Cromar

I have to explain that one! In my beginning career in Online Network Marketing‚ I got involved and their focus was to hook us in with the products.

In fact I would say that most of the companies are set up to do that. That is their focus and there is nothing wrong with that‚ but… it will not insure your personal success to market that way!

Screechhhhh! What did you say? Yes you being so emotionally invested in your product and company will not insure your Online Network Marketing Success! I know this is the total opposite of what most people teach.

In my first few days of Online Network Marketing with my first company which happened to be Herbalife‚ I of course was started on the product‚and of course it goes without saying‚ I had success and I felt good!

And I am sure you have had this same experience in any of the companies you have been involved in! So why do I say that having those great results‚ and having an emotional attachment will not insure your Online Network Marketing Success?

Recently I did a post about how my upline didn’t want me to learn about affiliate commissions to help offset my mlm expenses in my Online Network Marketing Efforts‚ and it would help you also

I Learned  To Mature My Emotions And Balancing With Logic And My Core Values To Be Successful In Online Network Marketing.

In The beginning we are a lot like babies in our Online Network Marketing. We love our company and we love our product‚ and we think absolutely everybody must feel the same way! We go out and preach it like it is a strange religion! Well it does start to sound like that! So I put this status out on Facebook:

I don’t necessarily play favorites‚ but… I am more inclined to do something for someone when they also do nice things for me‚ that’s just human nature and I am being honest.Lynda Cromar

And I did it for a purpose. Because so many get themselves so emotional that they cannot see the logical‚ or the strategic side of any of it! Now my emotional reaction today‚ is going to be radically different than my emotional reaction a few years ago.

So what exactly did I mean by what I said here?

I think we have to use our business minds‚ but to say we can operate totally unemotionally isn’t logical either  When it comes to building with a team‚I am looking for those who actually show that they are ready to build with me‚ in other words are they taking any action? Those who are not‚ do not show that they are ready!

So As A Mentor And Leader In Online Network Marketing I Watch What People Do And I See If They Are Actually Going To Do The Actions Not Just Stay In The Emotionally Immersed State!

Remember that old saying “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is?”

This so applies here! How many have you gotten on your team and they do the big talk‚ but absolutely no action? You see you can’t pin your future of your Online Network Marketing Success on someone that will pull your emotions by believing you have someone who really will help you build your team‚ unless there is action behind that talk.

That is where the emotional maturity really starts to play the part. I have some that do a little and I have many that do nothing. I don’t go out and try to light a fire under them! Its just not my job to create that emotional attachment for them.

We talk about dreams‚ those are emotional‚ but unless you learn to talk real actions those dreams are mere wishes! Our success is never attached to any one person! We take our own action and we build leaders that is what we do!

So to wrap up‚ why did I get into this discussion about the emotions involved In Your Online Network Marketing? Learn to balance your emotions and attachment to your product or company together with your marketing efforts and your actions that you take. And lastly, find ways to help people from where they are, not where you are!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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