A Firm No Is Better Than A Weak Yes!

I think a lot of my life I have let others decide my fate,

And I lacked the confidence to make my own decisions..

After 13 years of marriage my first husband and I split up,

It was mutual, and I won’t go into the details but the main point is..

I had to stand on my own!

I had 3 young children and myself to look after really for the first time!

I had to make some tough decisions, but then at that time I had to grow,

I had to take responsibility, the buck stopped right in front of me..

Then I got remarried..

And I let go of a lot of the control I had while I was single, not because he required it but because it had been a habit.

So naturally I took this habit into my business..

I unconsciously sought out those who would dominate me rather than build the strength..

I know now that I cannot do that.. and I have to take responsibility when I allow myself to do that.

There is more freedom in responsibility.. and it is a different feeling

When you are responsible for where you are going, it is not possible for someone to push your buttons

It is not about proving yourself to others it is about being who you need to be to fulfill your purpose!

Learning to say no is a key thing, because it’s not just about pleasing others at the sacrifice of yourself.

I wrote this originally 5 years ago.. I have since grown in confidence and knowing myself.

When you are so sure about who you are, the people you will attract will also be confident and productive!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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