First Point To An Authority Blog Is Organization

A Blog only works if it takes care of certain thing..

It must reflect who you are

It must be easy to navigate

It must solve problems for a particular group of people we call the target market..

It truly must represent you.. and show you as someone they can count on to help them..

It must show people what to do next in other words the call to action..

If you look around this blog right now..

You will find all of those elements on it..

1 – Organization showing where things are and how to find things remember if the blog is just about some product.. its not going to help you.. That is what most refer to as spamming.. I wrote a post about that recently.

2 – Know what attracts your particular audience.. in other words make sure that there is content that helps them and attracts them.

3 – Make sure you understand the do’s and don’t and what will create an effective blog

4 – Take the time to set it up so that it is easy to navigate.

5 – And most important totally understand why and what your blog is about

One point to keep in mind.. there are millions of blogs out there..

What do you do on yours that makes them want to stay?


To Your Abundant Success!!

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