The Very First Step To Getting Somewhere!

Many never even take a step…

It doesn’t mean you won’t make a mistake

I made many

Much of what I have accomplished has come because

I decided to take steps even if stepping into the dark..

Sometimes the dark is not the absence of light

Sometimes it is people doing dark things..

Either way.. if you keep the light around you

You don’t have to be afraid of the dark.. nor do you have to take on any of the dark.. Ever!

You don’t have to be a fanatic..

You only have to decide to step ahead to where you want to go

When I look at a particular business I decide where I want to go with it, I don’t have to be immersed in it

Also important to look at the culture, is it something you feel good about

Next look at what they are teaching and whether it really works in this environment..

I know that skills are always king over culture..

I have been in cultures that feel good but keep you immersed, and not moving forward..

In this I have found a culture of leadership and lifting people up, without inserting the fear of loss constantly that only lasts for a short while then people get immune to it

Skills will make it possible to always win no matter what you do or where you go..

That big word..


I have to say its big because most don’t really make a decision, they say I will do it until — they make conditions.. and leave a way out

What I have found is there is no real success until there is a DECISION!

It not conditional, it’s a no holds bared, all in attitude..

To fight until you win!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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