My Top 20 Major Reasons You Are Afraid Of The Phone‚ and Not Calling Your MLM Leads!


If you are like me or at least how I used to be so afraid to call that I would get upset stomach aches and headaches just from the prospect of beginning then you need to read this!

Below I have listed a few reasons why you would be afraid to make calls to your MLM Network Marketing leads‚ then below that I have a list of do’s to help you become a successful telephone master!

  • You were given a script to call on which only makes you shove the opportunity on them and never helps the other person

I used to do this and that is why I know that they don’t work and definitely only increase the fear because you get rejected.

And what is prompting this post today is that I am still seeing a lot of people using this approach‚ always looking to build this mystic around themselves‚ and push you to hurry and go get their stuff. In fact

I had a call today from someone and he was telling me he was this guy who could make huge money with nothing but a library card on the internet in a strange city.

The fact that he was throwing a name I knew around and saying that person’s name around like he knew him‚ was the number one reason I was suspicious. So don’t be that guy! Be authentic and be about that other person.

There is an old saying first you must give before you can receive. And especially in MLM Network Marketing that is true. You must still give to that person something they really want‚before they will do what you want!

  • You come into that call needy‚ they have to join you!

Again its about you and they are going to feel it. No matter how good your program is they will not join it until they see what it is for them not what it is for you.

  • You fail to actually get to know them and ask questions that make them feel that know like and trust that is so essential to creating the rapport needed.

They will never buy anything from you until that has been established no matter how important it is to you!

  •  You are abrupt and impatient with them because they said no.

Often a no means not now it’s not the right time. And again it often comes when you have not really built the relationship. Here is the Yes List!

  1. Write down 5–10 questions you would like to ask your prospect and genuinely care about the answers (take notes) Make sure they are friendly questions like “why are you looking to start a new business?”
  2. Prepare answers ahead of time for the kinds of objections you May or have received. “How does this system work?” “Is this a pyramid?” Study people in the industry who have answers to these questions. I love Todd Falconne’s answer to that last one‚ “Of course its not a Pyramid‚ I don’t do Pyramids‚ is that what you were looking for?
  3. Before calling‚ make sure you are relaxed‚ do some personal development reading or listen to a great audio. Remember its all about numbers.
  4. Talk to all prospects like they are close friends. Remember they will become a close friend if they decide to partner with you! You don’t actually have to be partnered with anyone you don’t like. Expect to like them‚ but if they are a jerk‚ you don’t have to stay on the phone!
  5. Remind them where they signed up with your program‚ (an ad‚ a website‚ etc)
  6. Ask lots of questions and sincerely want to find out the answer.
  7. DON’T INTERJECT OR INTERRUPT! This is a big one‚ its not a time that we have to tell them our story in the middle of getting to know them.
  8. Answer their questions briefly and completely‚ and then get back to them.
  9. If they have a question that you can’t answer‚ tell them you will find out and get back to them. It’s okay not to know all the answers this alone should reduce the stress!
  10. Rather than have all the answers point them to the website where they can get the answer‚ this is the beginning of sharing your info‚ but refrain from a big presentation. That also should give you a reason to relax.
  11. Let the tools do the job! Most of the time‚ and I get this from all the top leaders in the industry‚ tools are more effective than you telling them everything.
  12. Put yourself in their shoes‚ when you are calling them they want to know what it is about‚ and what is in it for them.
  13. Avoid a long conversation‚ we are not looking for a long history of their life but just what would make them a good candidate for our product or opportunity.
  14. Avoid giving them a long explanation about your opp or product especially avoid using words that will not be familiar to him.
  15. Remember this should be a call back after they opted into your list‚ I never cold-call people that have not expressed an interest in what I am offering.
  16. Find things in common‚ people like people who are like them.
  17. By the time you are off the call you should actually be able to list 5–10 specific things you learned about that person‚ and if you didn’t you were not listening!
  18. After you have sufficiently found out about them give them a very brief story about you‚ no more than 4 sentences lasting less than 2 minutes. (for a good way to do that go to
  19. If they say no and they aren’t interested it’s time to end the call‚ it’s not time to apply the pressure to get them to look at your presentation!
  20. FIND OUT ABOUT HIS DREAM! If you don’t find out about what he wants how can you expect to help him get it?

I hope that helps you have more confidence when calling your leads‚ and (hint) one of the best ways to create rapport is to have something you can give them that will be valuable to them!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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