How Failure Breeds Success

Everyone fears failure. But breakthroughs depend on it.

The best companies embrace their mistakes and learn from them. ————–

I’ve come to believe that all my past failure and frustration were actually laying the foundation for the understandings that have created the new level of living I now enjoy. ~ Tony Robbins

I had a great discussion with someone that I had been in a business with before what I am currently doing.

One thing that came from it is that everything that happens can be a catalyst to create my success. I have been reading from “The Slight Edge‚” by Jeff Olson. It has opened my eyes on how I view failure and success‚ I will share a brief part of it with you.

Most of us believe that success and failure are on different spectrum’s such as this:

SUCCESS ======> ME <======= FAILURE

What is actually true is:

ME ==========> FAILURE ============> SUCCESS!

  1. The only variable is how much failure it takes to get to success. The success is achieved by some necessary building blocks:
  2. Experience is a teacher‚ whether its ours or someone else’s
  3. When making a mistake‚ use it as a lesson to promote rather than a lash to punish
  4. Be teachable‚ this is a tough one‚ many people get to a stage in their life and believe they are done learning‚ we are never done learning.
  5. Know what your “Why” is‚ (its never money) it must be motivational‚ and it must be important enough to keep you going‚ beyond reach enough to make you stretch‚and emotional enough to make you see something better.
  6. Discipline – you pushing to grow. Making changes‚ being willing to change.
  7. Take action‚ make adjustments‚ and keep going.

Recognizing the failure is nothing to be afraid of but to embrace it is the first step in your journey!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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