I Found I Had No Excuses After Attending No Excuses!!

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I am getting ready to attend the No Excuses 3 event in Las Vegas‚ NV and I realized that there was much I have learned that I can share with you why I attend such an event and why I even bought VIP.


When I first started out‚ I learned only 2 weeks after I got started that there was a big event that I needed to attend. Now mind you I had just spent $3000 on my initial start up expenses. I have to wonder sometimes how many get so worried about really small expenses‚ and they get so caught up in that. Well‚ at first I thought‚ no way! Then I thought‚ what am I missing by not attending?

You know being around those winners‚ and those people that had made it‚PRICELESS! So “No Brainer” I went‚ and I was changed forever! I hope you get that attending events is crucial to your success!


First of all I will define what I mean by non-MLMevents: they are any formal events that are NOT run by your MLM or other MLM companies. That would include‚ conventions‚ opportunity meetings‚ and any other live events put on by your MLM or by someone who is in a MLM.

This can be anything from a personal development weekend‚ to a real estate how-to. Its not hard to find out about them unless you live under a tree‚ which actually I felt like I did for a while. I was not introduced to them by my MLM company or my upline. I found out about them when I started to broaden my sphere. I hope you get that you need to be around successful people‚ IN PERSON IS PRICELESS!


The purpose for me is two-fold. #1 is to pick up great ideas that can be adapted into my business. And #2 to network with like-minded individuals that would be interested in learning more about business from me. In this day now because more and more people are losing their jobs‚ they are looking for a new alternative.

There is more than that though! think of what your picture looks like when you are in a very small room. Your perspective is very small‚ you see the walls close together‚ there isn’t a lot of room to move in‚ right? So move out into your living room‚ now mine has a cathedral ceiling‚ so even though it isn’t a really large room‚ it gives you a feeling of openness.

Now move out to your front yard‚ there you see the big open sky and the streets and other houses‚ now you have a totally different perspective. That is what it is like when you start attending the Non-MLM Events. 

I hope you get that your personal perspective gets widened way out!


Its very personal and it varies depending on who is presenting.

The most important thing of all‚ is how do you come. I used to come at first‚ with my arms folded‚ and an attitude like: “You aren’t going to get me to change my mind.” Well they didn’t when I came with that attitude. Now because I have learned how to present myself and how to show up. I come with confidence‚ and a personal agenda of my own.

I hope you get that how you show up matters!

Now when it comes to coming to something really big like the No Excuses Event is that‚ you are in a highly charged atmosphere‚ huge energy! For me since it is not the first time‚ I will be able to get in close with many of the people that I have already met online. I will take every opportunity to build my own knowledge base from others that are more successful at this point than me. You see you should always be looking towards the horizon for where you are going. 

I hope you get that relationships grow and become deeper and more meaningful!

I believe now that more than ever the old-school MLM methods are gone‚ so its a new paradigm for us‚ we must be ready to learn and grow into the new economy and world that is being presented to us! (Stay tuned tomorrow I share my top 10 reasons why I attend these events!) I grew but the bottom line also‚ my bank account grew‚ and that is really it!

I hope you get that in order for your life to change‚ you must grow‚ and live events are an outstanding way for that to happen! I hope to see many of you there.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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