Freedom Is Never Found In Any Government!


Government is the natural enemy of personal freedom; Government must shrink in order for our freedom to grow.

Politicians are not the answer to our problem of government and government corruption. We are. When we begin practicing our God given, constitutionally protected freedoms, government shrinks.

Here is a prime example. Wisconsin farmer was raised by the department of agriculture for selling raw, unpaturized milk (which is the gold standard concerning health).

The only problem was that he wasn’t selling the milk. He was distributing it to the owners of the cows that he was caring for.

He had set up what came to be known as a herd share – where customers owned the cattle that provided them milk and dairy products as a by product of ownership.

He simply milked then, cared for them and provided shelter and grazing pasture for them. The whole thing was A PRIVATE AGREEMENT.

The government felt like he was running a dairy operation. They came, raided his place, inspected him, condemned his milk and destroyed over 2000 gallons of milk with blue dye.

He took them to court AND WON. The result is this: THE DEPARTMENT OF AG jurisdiction does not include these type of private, ownership based operations.

So imagine if, 10,000 patriots got together and pooled their money and bought a herd of cattle which provided them with milk and beef and beef products and they hired a caretaker, the government could not regulate it.

It would save tens of thousands in operational costs and most importantly, SHRINK THE GOVERNMENT.

Think it is a hypothetical? We are working on this very concept right now. We have already bought a herd share and are receiving milk and lamb and beef and butter.

We literally own grass fed organic cattle. And we are working to expand this system to accommodate many more people. This is why we took the time to learn how to make sausage.

I wanted to figure a way out of the slavery of our food system. Most don’t even realize how much we are enslaved until they taste real butter, real eggs or real cheese. The difference is startling.

The very globalist that are poisoning our children’s minds through the education system, poisoning our culture through the media system and poisoning our sense of justice through the justice system are also poisoning our bodies through the food system.

Take a moment to think about how you can increase your personal freedom it will not only make your life richer, but it will also Shrink the demand of government.!

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