What Does Freedom Really Look Like

When I first came to the internet‚ I knew absolutely nothing about marketing..

I did what I still see many doing right now‚ I basically spammed my message all over the place..

I didn’t understand what it meant to give value first.

As time went on though I became obsessed with the desire to learn how to market..

I wish I could say I did it quickly and effortlessly..

I learned a lot of things by trial and error in fact!

That is why I devote a lot of my time teaching it‚ and sharing it.

I also recognize and appreciate others who are really masters at it‚ and will have more expertise than I‚

I never claim to be perfect‚ but I do believe there are things everyone has to do‚ if they truly want to be competitive in this internet market place:

You need tools and training.

Spamming really doesn’t cut it (Spamming is sending the message out in front of your friends on Facebook‚ whether it is on the main stream or through messages without regard to what they want or need)

No matter how well intentioned‚ no one really wants to see your company‚ but they do want to solved their problem..


To Your Abundant Success!!

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