What Does It Mean To Be Fully Intentional In Online Network Marketing?

What does that word mean intention? Well I consulted with Wikipedia and this is what came up: Intentional behavior can also be just thoughtful and deliberate goal-directedness. Recent research in experimental philosophy has shown that other factors May also matter for whether or not an action is counted as intentional.

So How Can You Be Fully Intentional In Online Network Marketing?

Well in my video I talked about a story‚ listen and see if you can pick up what my first husband’s intention was! We talk a lot about belief‚ and how we can create what we wan t starting there‚ and intention is tied into that belief.

We can want the moon but we May not actually become intentional in online network marketing because our real intention is to give into our fear of rejection! We May intent to go to talk to a certain number of people about our business but unless we actually start to take action and push through our fears or feelings of inadequacy we never become intentional in online network marketing. In a recent post I talked about how my actions lead to either failure or success!

Commitment Helps Us To Become Intentional In Online Network Marketing

Okay you are probably wondering what I mean by commitment! I grew up in a world where when we said we were going to do something we did. We followed through; we knew that the consequences were real.

The world has changed and many do not have the kind of commitment it takes to really become intentional in online network marketing. In order to truly become intentional‚ you must keep your promises and your commitments. And that includes the commitments and promises you make to yourself.

Maybe you don’t think it will hurt you to break promises you made to yourself but I can tell you yes it does matter it takes a chunk out of your integrity and it will show to everyone around you. I can tell you that from personal experience that there is a very high price to pay when you don’t keep your commitments to yourself‚ you really stop being intentional in your online network marketing‚ or for that matter anything you do.

So What Does This Really Mean To Be Intentional In Online Network Marketing?

Or in other words‚ so what: The so what in this is that in order to build a sustainable team using the internet you have to be intentional‚ you have to keep your commitments especially the ones that you make to yourself. You want to make it a goal to become fully intentional in your online network marketing by being in action every day.

There must be a process: that process is learning‚ growing and taking action‚ not just when it is convenient but all through the process. Push through your fear‚ and your reservations‚because I promise that on the other side is freedom!


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