How To Generate More Leads Than You Can Talk To!

That is what I hear constantly. Well you are in luck. In this post I am going to share with you ways that you can get more leads!

How To Generate More Leads Than You Can Talk To!

I know that is a dream come true! But its not as far fetched as you think. The best way and also a way to not break the budget is solo ads. “And I can hear you say what is solo ads?”  Don’t worry I had the same question and its very valid. In fact I put out something about it yesterday. And someone came back with “that is just a waste of time and money!”But when I got to talking to him‚ I found out he thought I meant “safelist ads” and that is totally different.

What Are Solo Ads?

Solo ads are an ad you send out in an e-mail that goes to a list of subscribers that is owned by someone else. Generally your ad is the whole e-mail. And the list is generally from 5000 subscribers to 100’s of thousands. Now there is a bit of a science to it but Rachael McGregor is going to fill us in on all the details. Rachael has brought the science down to easy ways to do it and she has agreed to share her expertise on a webinar tomorrow. Rachael has consistently hit the leader board in MLSP for generating the biggest list of leads. And not just any leads but responsive leads that are ready to get into your business. Now before you think that she has been doing this a long time‚ she has only been online for 15 months and I heard something like 20‚000 or more that she has generated in that time!

Rachael Is A L3 In My Lead System Pro

During the 15 months that she has been online‚ she learned about and has applied this technique she is going to share with us on the wed. webinar and she does it working only 1’hours a week! She reports that her average is between 80 and 140 leads a day‚ and thus you see there are more than she can call! I bet you would like to be a fly on the wall in her home office!


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