How We Get There Is Just As Important As Where We Are Going

I am often asked: So what does it mean to be coachable?

For me it means that we do not know everything. If you can honestly admit to yourself that you don’t know all there is to know about prospecting‚ selling‚ and recruiting then you are hereby deemed coachable. If you can listen with an open mind to the ideas of others than yes you are coachable.

When we begin to believe that we are experts in our field then we miss out on great ideas and opportunities that can be beneficial to our growth.

Just because someone is below us in our organization or we meet someone just beginning their career in this industry doesn’t mean they don’t have great ideas‚ techniques and points of views.

Help them develop; this allows them to appreciate you as a leader as well as your leadership values‚ but more importantly it gives you a chance to grow even more yourself.

A lot of times we allow pride to be our stumbling block when it comes to being coachable. Feelings of pride should be flushed away and replaced with a virtue of humility. So are you coachable? Here are a few points to keep in mind while deciding:

Do you believe that you still have knowledge to gain?
Are you too proud to ask for help?
Do you listen to the ideas of others?
Do you have an open mind?
Do you listen twice as much as you talk?
Are you grateful and thankful for those who taught you?

Being an expert in everything is impossible‚ being coachable is invaluable! 


To Your Abundant Success!!

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