How To Get Yourself Noticed – Your Facebook Network Profile

In Using Facebook A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!

How many times have you heard that phrase? Probably more words than you can count. In Facebook it is especially important it is the first impression.

The funny thing is I see so few people taking into account that people do pay attention to the picture that is published on their blog or on their Facebook profile or on their website.

Sometimes that is the only thing we have to go by to decide if we trust that person! I have seen so many profiles that isn’t even that person‚ its a dog or a cat‚ or a car! Okay‚ how do I get to know a car?

I love cars don’t get me wrong! But a picture of a car doesn’t help me get to know who you are. Now I am no movie star‚ I have crooked teeth in fact. But if you look at my Facebook profile‚ its right there my picture with my shinning face smiling at you!

Facebook Prospects Are Asking Can I trust you?

Can you trust me only you can answer that‚ at least you see my face‚ not a car! I am there for all to see‚ I don’t hide who I am. You can see by my profile I am serious about my business! In 

Facebook They Want To Know‚ Like and Trust You

The whole purpose of Facebook for business is to create a ”know‚ like and trust‚” so think about this‚ how can someone come to know you and like you and especially trust you if their introduction of you is a kitten.

Okay maybe its really your kitten‚ and its sweet‚ but its not you. You have to look at it from your potential distributor’s point of view‚ how do they figure out if they want to do business with you unless they see your face?

I don’t like my face

I know‚ I know‚ most of us can find reasons not to like our face‚ but like I said the bottom line is to get to know you‚ to get to like you and to trust you enough to do business with you. They really do have to see your own face.

Now if you don’t like a photo‚ its really easy these days to get a nice shot from a photographer. And if you are operating on a shoe-string budget‚ then consider getting someone to work with you to get a nice photo taken.

These days with digital cameras‚ it doesn’t have to be expensive. It is big consideration though‚ so I hope you heed my advise‚ take the time to get a good picture into your profile‚ its pays off big!

Lets Face It!

We want to be involved online in Facebook because we learned that many are leveraging the internet and especially Facebook to make money online! So shouldn’t you be on the right bandwagon?


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