How To Get People Saying Yes To You And Your Product

Today I am going to talk to you about how to get people saying yes to you and your product which is ultimately why most people are on Social Media and why they share their product there.
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You want to know how to get people saying yes to you and your product..

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“Why don’t people buy what I’m selling?”

A reader wrote in and asked me, “I don’t understand! I have tons of friends on Facebook, even more following me on Twitter, and a bunch of people on my email list, all of whom love my content. But when I post my product on my Facebook page, Twitter page, or send an email to my list to “Buy this now,” no one listens. If they already like me and trust me, why doesn’t my product sell?”

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Most people come up with products and then write sales pages that are designed do one of three things:

  • Pressure people into buying the product with hard-sell tactics,
  • Act like their product is the greatest thing in the world, or
  • Do such a soft sell that it comes across as “Gee, would you (ahem), um, like to buy this?

All three of these approaches are guaranteed to turn of a huge number of potential customers, and send your sales down the toilet.  That’s no way to run a business.

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Most people use Social Media to sell

  • Not your home you can lose the profile
  • No one comes to buy on social media
  • no one likes to be sold
  • they tend to ignore pitches
  • It is always changing

Using Your Blog To Share Your Products

  • Make it a place where they can learn about you
  • Balance it with both value and sales
  • Gives them the ability to take their time
  • Builds relationships
  • They can buy at any time even months later

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