Getting To Live Events To Learn From Leaders

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I have been reviewing with you many reasons to attend live events. I just got off of Live the Dream and I am going to get really serious with you today. Although there are many reasons to attend live mlm events one of the most important is the opportunity to actually learn from mlm leaders there.

They May or May not even be your personal leaders. One of the major reasons I attended Live the Dream is because it was a chance to meet some of the big movers and shakers of the MLM business industry‚ not just my personal primary. You will see a pattern in the mlm  leadership of a big organization‚ but you will also learn that they have their own style!

MLM Leaders Of The Industry

How often really do you have the opportunity to have a meal with a top mlm leader and earner of the industry and ask those questions you May have? How often is it possible to have a personal conversation with them and they share what they have learned‚ or even give you an impromptu coaching session?

While I did not have the finances to get the VIP ticket this go round I did take every possible opportunity to talk to them to learn from them. It’s important to hear their story‚ because it helps you relate‚ and start to see yourself in that same place. What is it worth to you to actually have the chance to pick their brain? And that is always the first place you will hear of the next mlm event‚ and also private mlm events that each mlm leader is putting on‚ that you might be able to participate in. And this is where they also give you a chance to be in their inner circle‚ usually for a bargain price. It is also an opportunity to get to the next even‚see you there for the next game changing event!

What Separates You From MLM Leaders Is…

Really the only thing that actually separates you from one of these mlm leaders is that they paid the price and they have created the results. Now it’s up to you to first‚ learn from them both because of their story‚ and how they did it‚ and then decide! Yes it’s actually simply a matter of deciding that you deserve it and that you will pay the price to be there right next to them! They are real people and they have just been doing what it takes longer than you!

But I Don’t Have The Money to Go To MLM Events..

I used to say that‚ until I realized it was holding me back! When one makes the decision to go‚ it falls into place. I took one of my monthly checks and bought the ticket‚at the time‚ I didn’t even know what I was going to do to get there‚ but I knew I was going to go.

I bought the ticket‚ I made the decision. If you never actually make a decision‚ you never get started. And do you really want money to stand in your way of getting to your dreams?Who You Meet It is not just about the mlm leadership‚ but it is the people you associate with when you go.

Everyone there has made a decision to up their level‚ to go to the next step‚ to get dead on serious. Isn’t that the best possible group of people to be with? Not Bragging But..Because I came‚ because I have been serious‚ I had the chance to build a relationship with some of them‚ those people that are often difficult to get an audience with.

I met Andrew and Sara from the Better Networker team. They interviewed me‚ not sure when it will be showing up‚ but that was not the biggest part‚ they took me seriously. Doesn’t that change the game plan? You bet it does! Credibility And lastly‚ you build your own credibility. It is not about becoming a fan‚ but starting to see yourself really there‚ again it goes back to a decision.

Who are you now and who do you want to become. What steps do you need to take? Credibility is that secret juice that you want to be drinking! When you have attained that it starts to be easy and really fun! When they start to recognize you‚ it is magic! And in that crowd I started to have some recognition‚ both with the mlm leaders and with other attendees‚and that was priceless! And guess what happens next? You become an mlm leader that others can look up to!


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