Go With Your Heart‚ If You Believe And Care You Will Win!

Another lesson From The Secretariat The Movie

In the movie‚ there was a scene where Penny just stared into the eyes of the horse for at least the space of 2–3 minutes. Then she said‚ “Alright then.”

It had to do with whether they should push him or let him rest. From that point the decision was to push. He went on to win in the Belmont at 31 and a half lengths.

No other horse has won at that kind of margin in all of these years. Now I know we are not talking about horses really. What we are talking about is humans. But if you can think about this‚ I talked in the last post about betting on yourself.

Some who didn’t take the time to read my post thought I was talking about gambling. I was talking about having that deep faith in what you are and what you want to accomplish.

If we actually believe as I discussed in the last post‚ the next part is to care not just about your own goals and dreams but those of the ones you are helping. Because lets be honest‚no matter how many times you have heard its about numbers‚ thats garbage‚ its about people.

You have to set aside your own agenda when working with other people. I have heard often from people “How do I get them to..” We never get anyone to do something.

They always do what they want to from their own deep gut feelings. Now you have to go with me on this one. Penny never lost sight of what she was doing all of this for. It was for her family.

She didn’t ever set out to hurt anyone or anything. In fact she was the one that seemed to be able to see the good in others‚ including the horse. She could see the “heart” of the horse and what he wanted. He wanted to run.

So being able to see the “heart” of that person and what they want and then help them get it is the key thing to focus on. That is how to truly win in this race. In network marketing there are thoroughbreds who want to run.

Maybe they have been held down‚ or maybe they have never been shown how. Its our job as leaders to show them how to throw off the old reins‚ and to open up and really run‚ run with all of their heart.

And you as well must do that for yourself. There really is no reins holding you except what you believe. And in this “race” learning enough about their dreams to be all about helping them win their own “race‚” is the real name of the game!

So today think about how your life would change if you didn’t put any limits on yourself! One way that you can really bet on yourself is to mastermind with like-minded people.

I have one you can be part of‚ its generic‚ meaning there are no companies or products mentioned‚ it is a safe place to grow and stretch towards your dreams. Contact me  if you would like to know more.


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