The Goal Is Independent Distributors!

Learning Curve

While it is okay to expect a certain amount of learning curve for new distributors‚ especially if they are interested in learning all the marketing skills of the internet‚ it is not your responsibility if they lack of skill is beyond your ability to help them.

At times I have found that many are needier than I can do anything for.  So thus the title‚ our goal is independent distributors‚ not on-going projects!

We can’t make someone successful‚ we can only point them to the places they need to go to get them where they want to go. But..this is big‚ we cannot do it for them.

The Harsh Reality..

Some are not going to realize the responsibility they themselves have to learning and growing.

They want to be spoon-fed. Well‚ even a baby gets to a point where he no longer needs that. So instead of spoon-feeding we give them assignments and show them how and where to get what they need.

Then we watch to see if they go get it. Lets face it‚ its just like the old saying “you can lead a horse to water..”

We can only bring them to the information‚ they still have to make their own decision about whether they will partake and learn and grow‚ and there will be those who would rather make excuses‚ they are those‚who in my opinion are not at this time ready for the responsibility of a business.

In Response

Yesterday I talked about taking responsibility. And I got back this huge long explanation why some cannot take responsibility for their circumstances. Okay really?

Do you really want to do that‚ buy their excuses? Because you will find yourself a babysitter‚ and mother‚ not a serious multi-million dollar business owner. And last I looked‚ that is really what you want‚right?

If you find yourself making excuses

Now catch yourself here‚ do you make excuses? “Well‚ she doesn’t really understand my personal situation‚ the government… the boss… the husband…” okay any of those will do?

Then you aren’t really taking responsibility and you are asking your sponsor to be your babysitter‚ and excuse maker‚ not going to happen my friend.

Sugar coated?

Nope‚ I never do sugar coated‚ it’s the reality. So then don’t buy anyone else’s either. I say this because I have been there‚ had several distributors who wanted to talk every day.

Didn’t follow through with anything I told them to do. I found myself checking on them every day. Okay that just doesn’t work.

What is your time worth?

You have to realize your time is worth a lot. You have to realize that the ones that won’t follow through are not going to magically start doing it if you keep checking on them. They will eat up all your attention‚ and then someone who really just wants a few minutes here and there‚ and will follow through gets put on hold. So ask yourself.

  • Do they complete what you gave them
  • Do they ask questions that tell you that they studied it out
  • Do they ask you questions that indicate they are already taking action?

If not‚ do you really want to work with them? Or maybe do you want to tell them that your time is valuable‚ and if they want to work with you‚ they need to do what you give them?

That is what I would do‚ because your time is valuable and you do want the independent distributor‚not the project!



To Your Abundant Success!!

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