I Am Going To Think Positive No Matter What!

We can actually have a lot more control on what our life brings to us..

Whatever energy we are feeling is what we are emitting to others..

If every word is complaint.. that is what others feel and what they will absorb

If we instead choose to change our energy to positive, hopeful, and abundant..

It may take a while for others to feel and believe it .. but it will change everything!

I had an experience recently in which my daughter..

Decided I had to go take care of her children and drop my business for nearly a week..

While I want to help..

I cannot sacrifice what I am doing..

I have done many things to help all kinds of times.. but it seemed there was this bottomless pit.. of trying to prove my love..

So that inspired this comment today:

Real love does not seek to change the other.. real love learns to appreciate the person that you fell in love with ~~~ Lynda

I learned long ago.. that I cannot judge my loved ones by my own standards.. and neither can they do that to me..

I can love without having to prove..

Its actually quite freeing when you come to understand that..

You see..

The greatest thing that you can ever learn.. is your happiness is not connected to what anyone else does or what they think! ~~ Lynda

After being married the first time to an abusive husband, and then raising three opinionated, and very independent children, I know this!

And especially after those children all rebelled against what they felt were unfair rules..

I too must be true to myself..

Right or wrong in your eyes.. that is my truth!

Being in total control is the first rule.. others don’t control me.. I control me!

If we can meet in the middle.. and find a true free and beautiful relationship.. then I do seek after that!!

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To Your Abundant Success!!

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