GOSSIP! Do You Remember The Game?

Do you remember that game? Everyone would line up in a line facing forward. Someone would start it‚ saying something in a whisper to the person next to them.

Did you notice how what the first person changed and was something entirely different on the other end of the line? That comes to mind today‚ because I see and hear so many things.

How many of us have been told something‚ from another and believed it to be true only to find out its been distorted or changed? There May be truth in there‚ but there is also an opinion‚ and maybe several different opinions.

I see that all the time when and if I choose to watch the news. There is really no such thing as pure news most of the time‚ its always colored with an opinion or a motive.

The motive could be so good‚ but its still a motive. Like the other day we were reading a Policies and Procedures with someone. She was positively shocked when we read the black and white‚ and we could see the real and frightening things in hers.

Unfortunately‚ almost no one reads theirs‚ but its a contract‚ it could have some very serious things that you said you were in agreement of. Did you read it‚ find it‚ read it. Because just like any contract‚ you are bound by what is contained in it. 


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