Key Elements of MLM Success — MLM Prospecting‚Following Up‚ Relationship Building

What Is The Right Answer?


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MLM prospecting‚ following up‚relationship building

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Have you found like me‚ that business especially MLM has become like a great big puzzle with identical pieces? And someone forgot to put the instructions on the box? In particular about how to  MLM prospecting‚ following Up‚ relationship Building which are the key things that must happen to build a successful business?

I felt that way I can tell you. I felt like a dummy when they said it works and all I had to do is have the right “Attitude!” Okay sure‚ attitude helps‚ but without a system attitude doesn’t do anything for you.

I define a system as a method of getting and creating business in a way that is able to be duplicated by any and all new people I might introduce to this system.

There are probably hundreds of systems and methods out there on the net today about MLM prospecting‚ following up‚ relationship building. Its all good‚ its also very confusing.

What makes it confusing is that many of those methods are tailored. What do I mean by tailored? They work for the person that designed it. The key point in looking for a system is to make sure that it works not only for that person but for you also.

So Lets Get Into It: Key Points Needed In Any System Prospecting

1. Method that can be duplicated

2. Capture of Information

3. Right words to say‚ that bring consistent success Follow Up First of all what is following up? It is the process of getting back to the person after they have had an initial contact‚or some contact with you.

If you promised to call then that is what you must do‚ and at a predictable time. There are two schools of thought on this. There is the group that says we can do all of this with auto-responders.

And there is the other group that believes this must all be done with personal contact either by phone or actual contact. I believe a good system has both in place.


There is nothing that can replace this part. There is an old saying that says “Anyone can send a letter‚ but the wise man takes the time to get to know and care about someone.”and another:

“They don’t know how much you know until they know how much you care.” Okay what is relationship-building? When you meet a new friend‚ and you really want to spend some time with this person‚ what do you do?

You take the time to get to know them‚ decide if you want to spend time with them. Okay why is recruiting and sponsoring any different? Why would you want to take the time to train and sponsor someone that you really don’t like? Seriously!

I had people in the past that said ” just get people worry later about whether they are suited to your business!” Are you kidding me? I want to find people who are serious about making a change in their life‚ and want to be teachable.

Now if they don’t have those two things‚ they are not going to be motivated‚ and I just don’t have time to push the buttons to get them motivated! So that is very important‚ and you don’t know that if you don’t take the time to get to know them!

So although auto-responders can do part of this‚ getting in a phone call to let someone know you are a real human being that cares is critical.



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