How To Be Coachable

First of all realize no matter what kind of profession or experience you May have from your world of work‚ network marketing is unique‚ and will require learning some new skills.

If you see that the leaders you have in your organization can share and teach you those skills‚ you come to a place where you are teachable‚ that is the first step. The second part of that is your own application or follow-through. Do you selectively choose what you will apply and what you will discard before you know anything? You need to change that to I will follow what I was given.

You will have plenty of time later to make adjustments after you have gained some experience. If you are privileged to have an experienced coach then they have already made the mistakes that they are going to help you avoid. So it is in your best interest to trust them. When you are given instruction follow through and take those steps. Our ego will want to take control; this is something you must resist.

Sometimes the instruction will be hard to do‚ because it is stepping out of our comfort zone. If we do not become coachable it will be impossible to learn how to be successful in Network Marketing. Sometimes we have to give up that control temporarily in order to be coachable.


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