How To Lift Another

This was a huge one that I had to learn…

I used to take no time for myself and by the end of the day I was tired‚ drained and all burned out..

I even got to a point where I couldn’t keep going..

In order to lift others.. you have to take good care of yourself too!

So because I am such a driver and a bit of a work-a-holic

I really do have to make sure I am taken care of

Then I have so much more to give!

I was asked today what I had made in Empower Network..

I think the real question is not how much money‚ because even someone who doesn’t really care about people can make money for a while…

And I used to show my checks and my deposits‚ and my online notifications..

But that isn’t what people really want to know

They want to know if you care…

And if you really want to lift others‚ you cannot do that if you have totally neglected yourself!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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