How To Live Authentically!

Being in MLM Network Marketing in particular you are going to run into a lot of hype. What do I mean by that? I mean that there are going to be those who really do “Fake it” and don’t make it.

They buy the big cars to put on a great big show and what do they get from that? Big heartache‚ because sadly‚ that just is not the way to create the business that you want!

Buying the House And Cars On Credit and a Hope!

There is a great big temptation to do this‚ but don’t! I will give you several reasons and there are more. One major one is that once you go into debt for something you cannot afford then you are going to be under a lot of stress to deliver on your promise.

You will not come across as someone that is sincere and authentic‚ and even more you will start to be desperate. MLM Network marketing takes time; it is not a “get rich quick” opportunity.

When you get yourself “behind an eight ball”‚ then you are in a situation that is very difficult‚rather than doing that‚ practice the discipline of “delayed gratification!”

Stay Within Your Means

Just a little while ago‚ I was on a conference call with Art Jonak‚ maybe a year or more ago. One thing I still remember him saying is to not go into debt for the things that you want.

He also said that we would not be looked down upon if we had to economize‚ or even downsize for a while in order to work our business within our budget! Now there is a concept I didn’t hear before.

Don’t get sucked into the Hype!

Being in a network marketing business and in particular‚ making money online there is a lot of hype in this business. Do you believe in the hype?

Are you sucked in? Don’t be one who hypes up everything. It’s very important to be real and that means‚ to say that you don’t have everything you want yet‚ of course isn’t that why you are in this?

I would recommend avoiding the websites and people that flaunt the big houses and cars‚ do you really know that it’s real‚ or is it a way to build false hope?

Those things are yours over time when you have paid your dues through the discipline of building steadily from 2–5 years’ time. I can also tell you that hype is not attractive because people can see through it.

Put that house or car on the dream board and get going! “People buy on emotion and justify with logic.” Buyer’s Remorse sets in when they buy something and cannot logically justify why they did. The emotional high is gone and now they are a few dollars poorer and questioning their purchase.

They are pissed at themselves for buying and pissed at the marketer for sucking them in. There is fine line between hype and outright lies. Hype is not illegal‚ but lying is.

Marketers use fancy cars and big houses to try to create an image in the readers mind where they take mental possession of that lifestyle.

If the person advertising with the fancy car or big house does not actually own those things to me it is lying! Time and Massive Action

I know you hear this but it works and it is real. Take care of people become a lover of people. Teach them the skills and learn them for yourself. When you are giving from the heart‚and showing by example how to build you will have those who follow!

Becoming Rich and Famous!

Surprisingly‚ this will happen sooner than you think if you follow the proven success system that you will see throughout all of my articles.

When you do buy that house it will feel great because you deserve it‚ and you have a solid financial foundation under you! And the best part you will have true and lasting relationships with team members doing the same for themselves!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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