How To Step Out Of The Dark!

Finding The Special Light Inside!

Everyone has their own special journey‚I learned something that I wanted to share today!

I used to practically be afraid of my own shadow. I hardly did anything because I was so fearful.

Then because there was a great need‚ I had to make the change that is now building a business online. I didn’t know when I got started that I would be a leader‚ or that I would have a huge team‚ it happened first because I was willing to Step out of the dark.

Stepping out of the dark

I love the book “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson. In his introduction he told two stories‚the shoe-shinewoman‚ and the beach bum. If you read that you can relate‚ that we all have lives we are living.

We all have the daily stuff. But we get into these personal ruts‚ and we never move out of them. Some how we have to first see that light beyond the dark place we are in. That is what is called faith.

First we start to believe‚ that we can have more. Then we seek out a way to make that happen. Soon after being willing to take small consistent daily action we start to notice we are no longer in that dark place.

No Quantum leaps

Often we think we have to do something that requires more skill and more effort than we have to give. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. You see its just about being willing to take the action‚ even when it might not show immediate results. Because in time‚ there will be that penny-doubling effect‚ in anything but especially in our network marketing business.

It Starts With You

Before the big checks‚ before the big groups‚ before the recognition‚ comes you. Are you willing to believe and trust‚ and go for it. It is that first decision to take that first step. After you make that decision don’t be surprised if you meet a little resitence‚ but go for it anyway. The results if you give it the time will astound you!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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