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I had someone ask what is “my primary”

So I wanted to explain that because its important

In the internet marketing space‚ that was how most people explained what company they were aligned with‚ and primarily around the MLM Company they are with

So I have actually made a switch some time ago from being in a “primary” to being in my vision

My Vision:

I am fully vested in helping people build themselves and their financial freedom.

I must be attached or aligned with things that come from total integrity.

I will do that by sharing products and services that help the whole person‚ in other words‚ not just holding them to a company.

My vision is focused entirely into sharing companies and products that fit in with being in full integrity and truth at all times.

So it is in full integrity that I share at times‚ more than one company or product.

I made a decision a while ago not to be held into one MLM Company.

It is not because I have any animosity towards any one MLM Company but they typically think they have to make you stay loyal to them only.. and I don’t think that was the real vision of Network Marketing when it started out..

I also believe in creating an income in the most ethical‚ and fastest way possible and that is why the companies I share generally offer a 100% commission option.

I do not just endorse it because of the 100% commission because there are many out there that have not received my stamp of approval.

I believe the company itself has to have the Ethics I have or I will not connect with them or share them with others.

The company must have proven that they will be here long-term‚ so that I can protect those who trust me.

I will always over-deliver to those who trust me enough to join me

This little tool is the Network Marketer’s best.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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