I Am Stronger Because!

Its the wrong kind of energy to always share the things that are hard..

But those are the things that have made me stronger, wiser,

And even more determined to create what I want..

If things were always easy we would not grow!

I have had tough times
I still do

I do not dwell on them
But I search for the lesson..
Because there is always a lesson!

I know one thing when I hit the big goals I have for myself
I will be very strong!!

I have failed more times than I could count!!
I know I could have easily stopped at that first failure!

I didn’t
I have not yet won the big fight
But I am grateful for the small successes!

When they come I celebrate like I did a marathon..
Because I did!!

Hard times can either make you work harder..

Or it can make you give up, this is when your true grit has to kick in


To Your Abundant Success!!

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