I Found That There Are Only Results!

There Are Only Results!

When I first started out in business..


Which most really don’t know how to do correctly..


And so do most that have just joined a network marketing company and have not yet gotten the proper training..

Excuses and Reasons are things we use when we fail..

But what if we just started looking at it a different way..

Failure is a result..

Success is a result..

Earning money is a result..

All of those things are results of what actions we take..

And the thoughts that we think!

If we decide we are responsible for our results..

We cannot blame..

Then would we think differently and act differently?

Yes I believe we would..

I have been on the internet working towards the goal of building a real income

For 6 years..

I am responsible for everything I do and everything I say, and everything I think..

So my motto is always.. “There has to be a way!”

If I saw others doing it then.. there has to be a way that I can..

So I went searching..

Did I find it on the first try? Noooo

Did I make Mistakes? Yes lots of them..

But I kept believing there was a way.. because the evidence was everywhere!

Now its coming true..

My results.. are because I changed what I thought.. took the action..

In the beginning I did things much more complicated.. because that was what I found..

I was willing to do that.. and learned a lot..

I went through many transitions before arriving where I do understand the difference between SPAMMING.. and LIST BUILDING..

Unfortunately.. many still think SPAMMING IS LIST BUILDING

So let me share with you the difference so you can start to do it in a more professional way..

When I begin to talk to someone..

I always ask this question:

If I give you a video will you watch it?


Number 1 though is getting their permission..

I never ask and then put a link on the bottom

I give them the chance to say yes or no..

Of course there are other things I do.. and other things I ask..


I share with people WHO ALREADY WANT IT

I never push it on people who never asked..

Many more things that I can teach you..

ts really easy to make excuses!

And it’s not fun when thing don’t go the way you want..

Learning to understand that really there is no failure but results..

When you look at it that way..

And you keep taking steps towards your dreams..

You will make it!

Also understand that being flexible and willing to learn from every misstep or mistake..

Being willing to be more..

Being willing to see your vision more than your mistakes..

And it paid off..

Now instead of seeing only failure..

I can see the success coming.. and its here..

You can be there now..

With a little help from my friends!!

For years I struggled.. not having all the pieces!

Now having the pieces makes all the difference..

VIP Lounge is the place to get all the pieces..

Then all can win.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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