I Have An Interesting Story To Tell!

My husband became ill and it became apparent we had to do a major change to our house.

The first 3 pictures is my house in transition, the fourth is what I achieved in FLN so far…

I did not have the budget to buy traffic at this time, all my money was going to the changes to the house in order to make it safe for my husband.

Many would make this an excuse to say that they couldn’t work.

I followed the app steps daily my current points is on the verge of the next badge!!

I have 10 sign ups for free

I shared in both Facebook groups and in Twitter daily,

I did Facebook lives daily.

I believe I will win and I do.

I will be able to budget in the monthly Gold and Silver.. and that will make it possible to watch those awesome trainings!

Its not how much you spend, its how much action you take..

I took massive action daily.. and will continue to do so!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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