I Own My Own Mind, So What Am I Doing With It?

 We just got off a most amazing Skills call for Mentoring for Free. We did an exercise and it revealed that many people still believe that much of their success is outside of their control! Wow, that was really an eye-opener. We do not have control over anything in the world except what we think about ourselves and what we think we can accomplish!

So if I spend time watching the news and they give me all of this bad news, I get depressed, was that because of the news or what I thought about what I heard? Of course if you are on a path for being in total control of my own thoughts you would come to the conclusion as I did that we control everything inside. Whatever I feed my mind will show up in my thoughts and in my actions. If I want to own my mind, and therefore own my life I must make specific changes to help with that.

#1 — Don’t let anyone else decide what I am going to think!

#2 — An opinion is just that an opinion, often not backed up with fact!

#3 — I will feed my mind with the positive thoughts I want to grow there, just as seeds grow so do thoughts.

#4 — I will feed the posiitve to others!

It sounds simple, but both good habits and bad habits are created by specific action steps that you begin to implement, and continue until they are new habits. It is said that takes around 21 days. As simple as not letting the plane crash have anything to do with how I conduct the rest of my day! Wow I love this growth stuff!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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