How Do I Identify My Target Market For My Product

How do I determine who my target market is for my product? I am working on somethings that will be helpful to my own target market. One of my target markets is bloggers! I am a power-blogger because I really have come to understand how valuable it is to create content that I can send my list to to help them. I love to share lots of good things with people.

If you are talking to someone who really is not interested in what you have‚ there is no sales. Some people never figure out who they want to talk to‚ who is actually searching for an answer to a problem‚ that your product could solve.

They need to find out who is going to be interested in their product‚ who is actually going to buy their product! When you figure out who is really going to buy your product‚ you are not going to fighting so much to bring in sales!

So briefly lets decide what our target market for your product is by asking these questions: What was it I saw in my product that prompted me to buy it? Who has already bought from me? Who would pay for my product? What problem does my product solve that my target market has? Who really could care less? (so I can stop trying to offer it to them) When we truly look at it this way we can reach the right people!


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