Important To Understand and Deal With Rejection

First of all lets establish that rejection is nothing more than someone saying no. And when people say “no” it always about them not about you.

Often times people take it to mean something personal‚ like they don’t like me. Well although that can be true‚ most of the time it’s not about you at all!

So the first thing to learn to do is to not take it personal‚ but to learn to look at it from their point of view. When you want to share your business you really want to learn to find out what  problems your prospect has that you can solve with your business!

Reasons They Reject Or Say No

There are probably as many reasons as there are people for why someone will say no. Sometimes it it merely that it is not the right time or opportunity for them.

Sometimes they must have more than one exposure before they will understand the benefits for them in doing it.

Sometimes the idea of having a business scares them. Or sometimes they are simply not a good prospect for you. Another thing many don’t want to believe is that there is something wrong with the way that they presented the opportunity.

If you have not been properly educated on how to present‚ and you have done it too soon or not to the right prospect you will be receiving a lot more rejection. It’s important to respect the individual and not trying to force the issue. It’s not really about convincing as many believe.

And coming across in an argumentative stance will only make it more difficult and increase the amount of rejection you receive. Sometimes we are taught things that simply don’t work and either never worked or is no longer going to work in today’s environment.

Where You Focus

When we focus on what we want versus what we don’t want then we don’t focus on our fear of rejection. We have to let go of the outcome‚ in other words‚ we don’t make it our need that we focus on.

The concept is of understanding that we want to become the solution‚ and then we go about each presentation as a way to build rapport and satisfy that need of the other person‚ rather than satisfying our own need. That person cannot become OUR solution solely in our mind.

When we believe that our success depends on any one person then we will focus on convincing and pleading‚ and not on satisfying that persons need to find a solution.

When we can take the focus off of ourselves and onto satisfying the needs of others we will not be focused on the fear of the rejection‚ and instead focus on satisfying the need of that other person.

Letting Go Of Them Temporarily

You have to do that in your own personality but it’s a release of the pressure on the other person to accept your proposal to do business. Being able to say “Maybe this is not for you‚” versus “you have to do this!” (Whether you say that out loud or not!)

It is spoken by the manner in which you present to someone. And sometimes that person actually gets more attracted to you when you release that pressure! It’s that posture you must adapt to believe you will succeed even if they are not part of what you are doing.

Showing The Proper Example

The most important thing you must realize that as you are presenting you are also modeling. That person is watching and making a decision on whether they even could see themselves doing the business. If you come across with confidence rather than fear‚ they will feel it.

They will gain only as much confidence as you feel yourself. If you come across with the fear of rejection and failure they will feel that also. If you are pressuring them to give you an affirmative answer you are really setting them and yourselves up for rejection and failure.

Instead make sure to learn the right ways to talk to people with respect. Respect that they May or May not be the right prospect. Understand also that they are going to follow the example that you set. Respect yourself and always stay in a mode of learning.

Put yourself with the kind of mentors who will show you the most proven ways that work today and that they are congruent with you!

Give yourself the time that it takes‚ don’t expect this to be some kind of 7-day wonder‚ it usually takes 2–5 years give or take to create the successful team that will build you the income and life-style that you want!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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