How I Increased My MLM Blog Traffic Fifty Percent By Implementing A Few Key Things

I used to really struggle getting mlm blog traffic and I hope to help you with this today! Most of the people that are reading my blog are building an MLM business. There are many attributes necessary to be successful but this is not a mindset article.

I will share what I have learned is important when it comes to building a successful MLM Blog! I hope what I share helps you increase your MLM Blog Traffic!

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So you are trying to get MLM Blog Traffic to your blog. In the beginning I didn’t really have a clue‚ I heard words like SEO and Traffic and really didn’t have a clue what that meant. So one thing that I did is to look at the industry leaders and look at what they were doing and see if there were things I could implement to build my own MLM Blog Traffic.

One notable one is Ray Higdon he is the master at creating MLM Blog Traffic and conversion to reps and sales. I recently went into great detail on MLM Blog Traffic from his course‚the first part is here.

I laugh now at myself‚ because I can tell you that I made tons and tons of mistakes. I started out using Blogger which is supposed to be a no no. Of course I didn’t get much MLM blog traffic at all really at first. I also did my first blog posts about product specific things trying to sell it to people. That also was a fizzle! But along the way I learned a few things that now I can share with you so you can use it to get your own MLM blog traffic.

Getting Tons of MLM Blog Traffic Takes Time And Specific Steps

I have to tell you that learning to create SEO and using key words that are being searched for are not the sexiest thing to do. I am not an analytical personality so I don’t get off on statistics. Dry articles will not bring great MLM blog traffic but you do have to take the time to find out what people are searching for so that you can build a reputation and people will begin to look forward to your posts!

MLM Blog Traffic Comes From Authority As Well

I have been a student as you can see of the industry and I can say for sure that with every blog that I visit‚ I learn something that helps me. Being part of the MLSP (My Lead System Pro) community has helped me learn how to market the right way. I was on the MLSP Webinar on a Wednesday night and Ray Higdon was the presenter. He spoke a bit about how to generate MLM Blog Traffic. I am going to share some key points he gave that can be used here:

  1. Tell your story! It is not necessary to wait until you have a big income story before you start telling it! In fact you are a lot more real to your readers when you tell stories that are more down to earth‚ and failures are part of your story!
  2. Work on your vocabulary‚ when we say to ourselves we are not good at it‚ we just attract that more. But instead we can say‚ I am getting better at that. And especially when it comes to blogging. Blogging is a practiced skill‚ particularly when it comes to developing MLM blog traffic. Also read over out loud what you wrote‚ does it make sense and does it sound like you?
  3. Focus on how to improve results rather than focusing on negative results. Realize you will make a mistake its just part of it‚ rather than focusing on what you didn’t do right‚ focus on improving the action that will lead to better results.
  4. Don’t be afraid of questions. When you get them asked or if you have them‚ that means that you can be in a place to help others. Also realize that what is really valuable to your readers is when you answer the questions that they are asking!
  5. Sales is part of the job. While you don’t want to make your whole blog a sales page‚don’t forget to give them a strong call to action. Make sure though not to make it a “me” blog‚ it has to be valuable to those who will be reading it!
  6. Everything is long-term‚ especially blogging. You are developing it as you go. So strategic planning is part of the process‚ making sure you are actually answering the questions of those who are most likely going to visit your blog.
  7. Entourage‚ or who are you hanging with? Are you constantly improving your circle? Are you constantly learning? You must feed yourself if you expect to build an authority blog!

To Your Abundant Success!!

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