Be An Influence For Good! You Will Influence Either Way!

 I have come to realize that I do have an influence on others, even people I don’t know.

Sometimes it isn’t favorable because I have voiced an opinion they didn’t like.

Most of the time its good because I am always looking for the positive in everything.

I believe its my responsibility to be what I say I am.

I like the phrase WYSIWYG It comes from the computer world, it means, What You See Is What You Get.

I don’t know how to be anyone else but me.

In fact I have learned that when you try to be like someone else and are not true to yourself, something inside will rebel!

That’s not a good feeling to have that going on inside! So I listen to my instincts, I always look at things from my core values.

Then I know its right for me! If I am completely comfortable about who I am I a can be there for others! That is the best way to influence people. 


To Your Abundant Success!!

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