Is It Good To Give Your Power To Kings And Queens?

In the Game of Thrones..

It is at a time when there were Kings and Queens.

If you are a student of history.

You can see that there are not many times when there is a just King or Queen.

In the story she talks about breaking the wheel..

You don’t actually make things better by burning everything down!

So is this Queen better than what was there before?

If you again look at history..

Anytime we let someone powerful..

Take a lot of power..

That means you lose any of your own power..

Is it any different in our reality?

There are many who are starting to believe that Socialism is ok


Its dressed up to look nice, its still a small amount of people controlling everything!

Kings and Queens..

Its never a good thing..

To let them be in control of everything!

Think about it!




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