My Journey‚ One-Way Ticket – I Decide The Destination

I have found that everyone is on their own personal journey.

No one can make that journey for you its yours.

I can choose who will share it with me but I still must make it alone.

I can also choose every experience and those I cannot‚

What I will learn from those experiences‚

And last I will either grow and become better because of all of it‚

Or I will become bitter and dissolution ed. Only I decide though how I am going to turn out.

Here are the choices everyone has and where they will lead:

They did it to me‚ that’s why I cant…
Blame and justification

They didn’t trust me‚ that why I cant‚
Needing others to validate


I made my own way‚ I trust myself and my own inner voice‚ I will not always be believed‚ I will sometimes be criticized and often ridiculed. I still trust my path and continue on that path.


To Your Abundant Success!!

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