Know You Will Fall And Get Up!

When we think we will fail we will…

Sometimes we do even if we believe we will win…

But if we never even get started..

Then we are guaranteed to fail

I have failed, and I have won,

I don’t believe it!
That is why you don’t win!

You must first believe before it becomes real..
Waiting for it to happen and then believing..

Insures it never happens!

I have a chart on my wall with the income goals and
Exactly what it takes to get there..

I believe it I read it and gel it in my brain daily
I have created some of it..
And have goals for more..

If we only look at today’s reality..
We will never reach our dreams!

I realize action is the only way to find out..

That is what the real name of the game is!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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