How To Be Laser-Focused‚ Never Going Off-Track

“What you focus on will become your reality. Worry and dreaming are quite similar. They both tend to be self-fulfilling prophesies. Positive expectations create positive outcomes‚ negative expectations create negative outcomes!”Author Unknown

How To Create A Laser-Focus On Your Dream!

We hear this all the time‚ and many understand it‚ but do you actually believe it or do you getoff-track easily? Most people do at first. Or even worse‚ they give in to the negative around them and let go of their dream because it’s easier to take the road of less resistance!

How do you create that focus that not only propels you towards your dream‚ but brings along all those who you care about even if they start out negative? That is a serious question and I will be addressing that today.

Why is this so important? Because without that focus‚ you will be off-track more than you are on. You will be experiencing the yo-yo effect in your business‚ and let me tell you it isn’t pretty!

Define that Dream

First and foremost is to define your dream. If you don’t really know what it is then I can promise you‚ it will be impossible to achieve it. And you know it doesn’t really matter whether you do a dream-board‚ or you write it down‚ but it does matter that you define it so that your mind can picture it!

You see we do see in pictures. I bet everyone who is reading today is really good at worrying‚well it’s just a matter of turning those same pictures that you are good at on the negative side‚into pictures of the dreams that you want!

Ask yourself these questions take the time to write down what it is that you want!

What kind of income do I want (specific amount) and when do I want it (specific target date)? What are youI willing to sacrifice to get it? (Time) (money) (hobbies) there has to be a give from something?

Will you continue to go for it even when challenges come up? Will you guard that dream and nurture it? (no one considers this one) Don’t voice it to someone who will make fun of it. Will you do whatever it takes‚ for as long as it takes?

Create A Plan

Everyone has to have a plan‚ it’s great to have dreams‚ but what really are you going to do to go after them? Are you willing to make changes‚ and do the daily action?

If you don’t know how to create a plan then get with your mentor and brain-storm and create one together. If you are not used to doing this‚ it’s okay to start out smaller‚ and build up. The runner doesn’t just start doing marathons before he does the smaller races!


Everyone who has a big goal understands that there are rules to the game. You don’t have all the answers and you have to train and grow. If you don’t have all the answers then you must seek them out.

No athlete goes on the playing field without warming up‚ getting with his coach for final words and encouragement and it should be no different for those in business. If you don’t you will be a dog-chasing his tail.

In our business we call it “staying close to the fire‚” in other words being with others who have serious goals and always push themselves and others to achieve them.

Negative Family

I left this for last‚ on purpose. Most start out with negative members of their family or friends. The difference between the one who makes it and doesn’t is how serious that person is about their goal.

There has never been anyone who really believed in their goal that gave up because of a negative spouse. I can speak from experience also here. I know many think they are saving their marriage by giving up.

What they are really saying is that they don’t believe that what they are doing is really good enough to really change things. They down-grade themselves by giving in. Once someone starts this pattern it becomes so much easier to give up than it does to stay in the game.

And the thing most don’t get is that the spouse doesn’t have an answer either and they have learned to feed off the negative of the world. There are ways to gently love and care for those members of your family and still stay focused on your dreams and taking action.

Make sure and include them so they feel part of it‚ and yet not making them believe in the dream. Make sure they know that they are still the most important person in your life. I talk more about that in my video today!

Are You Really Focused!

Your Home Work!

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