What Do You Lead With First; Product Or Opportunity?

A Debate That Often Rages Between MLM er’s Is What Do You Lead With First; Product Or Opportunity?

o clarify and maybe offer some solutions here:MLM Product  — Product is king Its not about you its the product.

It doesn’t matter whether you believe in it or not only that it helps. They foster the belief that just show the product and tell great testimonials.

This works only if you have built a relationship‚ and qualified whether this person wants and needs the product. I said wants first‚ because they can need it but not want it. If they are not convinced of the benefit‚ they will not buy the product.

This leaves the representative with two choices: Sell‚ sell‚ sell. Or share. What is the difference?

Sharing is when you find out that they are looking for a solution and you offer them that solution. Sales is when you just start in giving them your presentation.

Either way its about building a base of fans that love your product and are hooked on it. If you did a good job they will start to endorse it to others.

That is called referral marketing or word of mouth one of the goals we all seek. Many of those loyal customers can become representatives as well.

MLM Opportunity Side — Recruit many that are product enthusiasts

Of course the most prevalent reason many get into network marketing is because they want more money. They want to replace that paycheck‚ and they want more freedom.

Some even completely divorce the product and hit the bricks and recruit heavily‚ the problem is how long can you continue‚ if at some point you actually want to experience that freedom.

Without a consumption of a product every month‚ this is something that will be ongoing and will not have a point where freedom from the “job” occurs. If all you do is recruit you just traded one job for another.

Combination of both MLM product and the MLM opportunity

In order to have a lasting business that eventually creates financial freedom there has to be both a consumption of a product that your customers and reps continue to buy‚ or that will not happen. So how does one do the balancing act between these to create that?

A MLM System to build and create duplication

In order to build for the long term there must be a system. To put it simple; a system is a set of activities performed daily or weekly that creates the end result of more customers and distributors‚ all doing the same exact thing that you are doing. When true duplication occurs‚ then you have a business growing and striving and propelling you towards financial freedom‚ and time freedom.

Here is a rule of thumb to use:

If anyone can use your MLM System regardless of their financial burdens or lack of funds then it is duplicatable One word about lead-buying and using expensive technologies‚ you May love them and they work for you‚ but that doesn’t mean it works for everyone.

If your MLM system is simple that doesn’t require a PHD then it is duplicatable

What I mean about this is that if its really difficult to explain what you do‚ then no one will see it as something they can do. Lets face it people are busy‚ they want easy. Now by that I do not mean no work‚ that fosters the opposite effect yes they get in‚ but then they sit back and don’t do anything.

If your MLM is skill based and teachable then it is duplicatable


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