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Yesterday I talked about what kind of changes are necessary to be successful in your mlm business. I remember one incident early in my mlm business‚ when I did not reach a goal. I was devastated. I felt that I had failed. And yes in a way I had‚ because I didn’t understand really how to reach a goal. That is not something that is taught in schools. Think about it. We are taught to memorize so we can do well on tests. But memorization is almost useless in the real world of business‚ especially our mlm business!

So How Do You Deal With Not Reaching A Goal In Your MLM Business?

In anything but especially MLM Businesses we have to know what it takes to reach a certain goal. Most really don’t even know their compensation plan enough to know what it takes to reach a certain income goal. The classic one is reaching a goal of $10‚000 per month. When I ask people they just fish a number out of the air because they don’t have the slightest idea. But think about it if you don’t know what it is really going to take to reach that goal‚ it is like aiming an arrow at a target right in front of you with a blindfold on. Now people May hit that target by hit and miss‚ but it makes a lot more sense to have the actual numbers all laid out!

There are those who are better at numbers than I am‚ but I have worked out what it takes to create that number each month. Then you go to work. As an example: If your compensation plan gives you 50% for each person for their autoship each month (most are closer to 20%) and it doesn’t really work to think about signup bonuses in this example‚and each autoship is $100 that means you get $50 per person you simply divide that by the $10‚000 it will take 200 or more people in your direct organization.

Most do not even sponsor 10. I was in one where it took 5000 people before I started to make money like $10‚000! I am not analytical and I am quite sure we could go on and on with the money but hopefully you get the idea.

Know what it takes. The next step would be to work backwards‚ and know what you have to make daily or how many must be sponsored daily to make that goal. And most likely you also have to figure in the drop out rate. That is the main reason that I dropped out of the traditional MLM’s and started doing Empower Network.

How To Deal With Not Reaching A Goal In Your MLM Business  – I Share My Insights on Video


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