In Your MLM – How To Learn from Failure and Confirm with Success


When Success and Failure Connect‚ How To Learn From Failure!

In MLM Network Marketing I have often seen people interpret failure to mean that it is not for them.

That saddens me. Here is a good way to evaluate and learn so that success can become a way of life! Most people think failure is bad and success is good.

But the first thing that needs to change is that kind of thinking. While failing is not fun‚ its a yard-stick by which to measure what has worked‚ and what has not.

Some people have come to discover that failure is necessary in the journey through success! Yes Success is not a destination but a journey‚ because many people have realized that once arriving at one destination‚ there is a new one to start towards.

So the first shift in thinking is both failure and success is good‚ and knowing what purpose they serve is key to using that to create success..

Okay first let us look at success and what it confirms to us:

Success confirms our plans. Success confirms our decisions. Success confirms our resources. Success confirms our strategies. Success confirms our hunches.

Success confirms our teamwork. Success confirms our risks. Success confirms a lot of things! When you are successful‚ what have I confirmed in my mind that has helped me achieve this?

Now lets look at Failure and what it teaches us:

Failure teaches us that we need to change our decisions. Failure teaches us that we need to change our resources. Failure teaches us that we need to change our strategies. Failure teaches us that we need to change our hunches.

Failure teaches us that we need to change our teamwork. Failure teaches us that we need to change our risks. Failure teaches us that we need to change a lot of things! Failure helps us to know what won’t work.

With a failure‚ we start to learn more ways we can abandon‚ and then we can focus on the ways that do work! By then changing our way of thinking we are setting ourselves up for a more powerful successful future!

So the question to ask when we fail is‚ what does this failure teach me‚ what do I need to adjust and change‚ what do I need to abandon‚ and what do I need to continue?

So now we have established that both success and failure are good. They can actually become your best friends‚ especially when you realize how to evaluate when one or the other has occurred.

When we plan‚ act‚ then we review and adjust based on the results from that action then we will be able to learn from our failures and confirm our successes!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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