Learning to be Creative Through Struggle

used to think that roadblock made it impossible to go on..

So I didn’t yes you heard me I used to be a quitter

Sometime through it all I learned that I had to get through roadblocks and struggles..

I am not going to promise you that it was easy..

It wasn’t but it was definitely worth it..

I have failed at more than a few things.. and now I know to take each failure as a lesson learned..

And I work on finding another way.. rather than quitting

And while I have not reached all my really big goals

I have achieved some of the smaller ones..

And my goals have gotten much bigger..

In the beginning it was just about earning an additional $500 a month.. then it went up to $1000..

And when I achieved that‚ I realized I had learned something about roadblocks

And I realized I could teach others too..

I also see myself differently than I once did..

I once saw myself as a failure..

Now I see myself as someone who May fail‚ but that eventually finds a way to succeed!


To Your Abundant Success!!

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